Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Protecting Personal Information

Many of our clients ask us about destroying or erasing an old hard drive when they upgrade to a new computer. It has become more popular to donate or find another use for an old PC to help lessen ones carbon footprint on the earth. There are many programs that claim to erase a hard drive that have both paid and free versions. They use reformatting multiple times to erase and clean the hard drive so that any old information becomes unusable. A popular program for this is called DBan.

Other clients have found it safest to physically destroy their old hard drives. By removing the hard drive from your computer and hitting it a couple of times with a hammer you insure that your data is irretrievable.

If you have a new computer and are concerned about data protection you should consider data encryption. Windows 7 offers a safe easy way of turning on file encryption. When you encrypt a file or folder, you are converting it to a format that can't be read by other people. A file encryption key is added to files or folders that you choose to encrypt.
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